On May 16, 2009 Equine Studies Institute acquired a project horse "Duals Red Stripe". Purchased at a local horse auction, Red's care and training was documented. He was sold in September 2009 to a ranch in Texas.
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       During the first rides on Red, we want to teach him to give to pressure...the idea is to always have a horse respond to a request through non-resistance. 
        Don brings Red's head around to the right with a tug and release, tug and release until Red leaves his head to the right without pressure..as soon as he does, Don allows him to walk off.  Note the long rein...no pressure, and Red remains relaxed. 
        When Red is asked to jog, he doesn't know exactly what to do, so Don allows him to move into a fixed bit...when Red brings his head to the vertical, he gets immediate release.  Horses learn from the release, not the pressure, so Don allows him to jog along, tipping his nose and giving an immediate release... it's obvious Red is going to need some time to learn to jog slowly on a loose rein.   
Red Under Saddle -
Walk, Jog, Tip and Release