On May 16, 2009 Equine Studies Institute acquired a project horse "Duals Red Stripe". Purchased at a local horse auction, Red's care and training was documented. He was sold in September 2009 to a ranch in Texas.
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      The claim at the auction was that Red was broke to ride, but what that means is any one's guess.  We are going to think safety first, for Red and the rider.
      When getting on a horse you don't know, keep the reins short and mount slowly so you are always in balance and ready for any movement.
       No problem with Red; he accepts his rider without moving.  (Of course he learned "ho"--standing without movement-- while being lunged)
       While Red is learning to respond to verbal commands on the lunge line, and improve his gaits, he is also learning to tip his nose into the direction of travel. 
       Once mounted, the rider works on getting Red to give his head.  His head is pulled around, then immediately released...the idea is to get Red to give to a slight tug, then hold the position on his own.  Red is getting the idea, so he's allowed to walk off.  Note that he has his nose tipped into the direction of travel as he walks along on a big loop to the right.
Red Under Saddle -
Mounting and Bending