On May 16, 2009 Equine Studies Institute acquired a project horse "Duals Red Stripe". Purchased at a local horse auction, Red's care and training was documented. He was sold in September 2009 to a ranch in Texas.

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      Red's girth sores, that he had when purchased, have healed considerably and he can now carry a saddle without irritation.    
       While we know he has been ridden, (the abomination at the horse sale) we're pretty sure he doesn't know much...so for now, he's still on the lunge line.
       His jog is beginning to slow down and he is beginning to carry his head and neck in a natural position.  The changes made in the length of toe and heel support are beginning to show in Red's foot flight...lower and less knee and hock.
        Red's lope is showing signs of relaxation and softness.  It's going to be awhile before he really learns to carry himself with much grace.
        The little "flexibility" exercise helps with suppleness.  The idea is to get Red to step as far as possible under himself as he also crosses one hind foot in front of the other.    
Red Under Saddle -
Lunging and Learning Flexibility