On May 16, 2009 Equine Studies Institute acquired a project horse "Duals Red Stripe". Purchased at a local horse auction, Red's care and training was documented. He was sold in September 2009 to a ranch in Texas.
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      The key to riding a responsive horse is having that horse accepting leg pressure.  Well trained horses should respond by moving away from pressure.
      In the first segment Red pushes back when Don cues him to move his hip to the left.  The cue is a light touch of the right spur well behind the girth, plus a shift in the rider's weight to the right.
      In the second segment: "
Kicking at Spur" Red is rebelling to the touch of the spur.  Red was probably "cowboyed" by previous owners and is expecting to get raked with the spurs, so he responses by kicking at Don's foot.
     In the third and fourth segmensts: "
Encouragement and Improving" Don is working on getting Red to leg yield (move away from pressure).  This is not done with the reins, but with the leg and weight shift.
     In the final segment:
"Starting to Understand" Red is moving away from the leg pressure which is directed by the spur.
Red Under Saddle -
Learning to Leg Yield