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Stallion Management

             Stallion Management is a 12-lesson course covering every aspect of handling and breeding a stallion.  

            Taught by veterinarian Dr. Jack Sales, stallion management is a must not only for stallion owners, but for breeding shed personnel, trainers and farm managers.  Broodmare owners will gain an understanding of what should occur at the farm to which they send their mares, (either AI or live cover) and/or what is involved in the shipping of semen.   Includes PowerPoint Presentations.

             Dr. Sales, involved for years with his own "race horse" practice, has turned to the classroom to help horse owners create more successful horse operations.  In addition to Stallion Management, Dr. Sales also instructs Equine Reproduction and the course Health and Disease Management.

             COURSE OUTLINE:    

              I. Understanding the Stallion's Mind.

              2. Stallion Anatomy and Physiology

              3. Fertility and Breeding Strength

              4. Detecting Heat in a Mare

              5. Developing a "Teasing" Program

              6. Pasture Breeding

              7. Hand Breeding

              8. Artificial Insemination Part 1

              9. Artificial Insemination Part 2

             10. Shipping cooled Semen

             11.  Breeding Sheds and Stallion Barns

             12.  Record Keeping

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